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Samsung S22 Soft Silicon Case

From: $7.00

This item: Samsung S22 Soft Silicon Case
From: $7.00
From: $7.00
1 × Samsung S22 Hybrid Case Clear Transparent

Only 1 left in stock

1 × Samsung S22 Hybrid Dotted Dual
From: $10.00
Beige White
Chestnut Rose
Denim Blue
Light Green
Mineral Green
Navy Blue
Pastel Lilac
Rose gold

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Product Details

Soft Solid Silicon Case


  • Light weight, Protective & Safe
  • Soft Inner TPU Case for shock and scratch resistance
  • Superb case made of high-quality silicone for soft and comfortable touch
  • Simple and comfortable design
  • Durable: High-quality material used
  • Protects your phone from scratch, shock & slip
  • Provides easy access to all functions without removing the case